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Subconscious Mindset Mastery

I'm going to be talking all things subconscious over the next 5 blogs.

I love nothing more than blending the subconscious with energy to really amalgamate and combine the power that we have to be able to not only change our thoughts and our feelings at a deep cellular level, but to allow those energetic shifts that occur when we experience those changes to really clear out of our system, to allow us to really move and stride into the life that we want - being the healthiest, the happiest, the highest version of ourselves possible.  I do this a multitude of ways but one of the most powerful ways that I do is really getting deep into the subconscious using hypnotherapy.  

Working on the mindset that is controlled by our subconscious is super powerful for changing our actions and the results we experience in our reality.

In this part, part 1, I'll be talking about how and why that occurs and also what effects it can have on our bodies, minds and on our lives.

In part 2 to 4, I'm going to be talking about implementing some subconscious mindset practices into your life consistently and efficiently to be able to actually address any subconscious issues and blocks that you may be having that are preventing you from having ultimate health and happiness in your life, in your work, your relationships, and in your health in general.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about your health, about your life, I'll be approaching those from looking at the subconscious point of view to really give you the opportunity to dive just a little bit deeper than you may have done with any self-help or anything you've tried in the past, so you can really get to work on some of the deeper stuff that will allow you to free up even more, to be able to have more health and more happiness.  If you have a question for me, pop it in the comments at the bottom of this blog!

What became apparent to me as I was practicing hypnotherapy with clients was that when they experienced those light bulb moments happen, when I witnessed clients having those revelations within those hypnotherapy sessions as to why they've had the lifetime of issues they've had, or why they've had these phobias or why they've had these self-sabotage cycles or why they have this kind of self-destruct mode, why they have this anxiety, this panic feeling, these depression feelings, when they realise how and when and why they've occurred at a deep subconscious level, the energy shift in the room is incredible.

To be able to connect those two together for me, the subconscious and energy shifts available in the hypnotic space was so powerful to realise that, as we create these shifts energetically as well as mentally and emotionally, as we work with the spiritual aspect of that block or limiting belief, the energy side of things with it, we can really propel these changes to be long-term, to be permanent, to work within a multitude of things in a holistic way, so not only will you then overcome the one issue you've had, but you'll start to see other things blossoming in your life as a result of that just because we've been able to harness the powerful energy shift that's occurred within that hypnotherapy session and doing the deep subconscious work.

That's why I love to amalgamate the two.  That's why I see these powerful transformations in people as a result of doing that and working in this way.

Over the next few blogs, you'll be covering some of the methods to do this and ultimately you'll learn about the power of consistency for the subconscious.  You can make these instant shifts and changes to the subconscious, but your body and your mind still need some consistent new patterns and programming to allow you to continue the progress that you're making.

The purpose of your Subconscious:

Let's look at the subconscious right now in terms of your basic fundamental needs when you come into this world - to feel loved, to feel connected, and to feel safe.

There are a few others but these are the main ones.  Your subconscious is wired to do everything it can to keep you safe, protect you from pain and maintain your pleasure state; to feel that we can survive, to feel that we are connected and we belong in some way, and that we are wanted, that we know we are loved.

If for any reason at some point those fundamental needs and desires are taken away from us, one, two, or all three, we will start to find that we have some different beliefs that start to occur as a result of that.

Those beliefs could be, “I don't feel like I'm good enough. I don't feel like I'm lovable enough. I don't belong here. I feel different. I don't feel safe.”

These are the obvious ones that come up.  There are many others but generally the root belief comes down to some of these main ones here.

When you're able to look at, really objectively, how, when, where, and why that occurred, what situations, what repetitions have occurred that have led to this belief that may be now ruling your reality today, you're able to address it and you are empowered to be able to change it.  

That is the choice you have to make-to stay the same, or to create a change.

That doesn't happen by by me waving a magic wand or anything magical, but by helping you to do this for yourself - helping you to understand, to realise, to recognise, and to reprogram it yourself.

How empowering is it to realise that actually when you've gone through a session like that, you have taken the steps to be able to do it by yourself and for yourself?  

You haven't had somebody give you the answers.

You haven’t had somebody tell you what to do.

You've been able to really explore this and to be able to do it in a really empowered way.

That's the key to long lasting transformation.

Between the ages of naught to seven years we are like a Polaroid camera.  You are literally like a sponge, soaking up every single thing you see, you sense, and you feel around you.

Whether it is experiences, sounds, whether it is noticing relationships around you, whether it is how safe you feel amongst your tribe - your family or your community - all of those things you pick up on.  

If there are some areas in your childhood where you are like a sponge, you are in that deep brainwave state where you are picking up everything suggestions-wise, if for any reason you ever had any instance to feel unsafe, unloved or not connected in some way, that might not mean being kicked out with the door at less than seven years old; it may be witnessing somebody you love leave, witnessing somebody die, overhearing somebody arguing in a conversation when you were meant to be in bed as a child, being told off by a position of authority or someone you respect.

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It can be something so small and seemingly insignificant to the adult mind, but as a child we only see these things in black and white. We don't see the middle ground where as an adult we're able to interpret what was really going on and detach from it as being irrelevant or not aimed at you. For example, it's an argument between your parents when you were a young child and you're upstairs and you heard this arguing.  The emotion and belief you may pick up right there is, “I did this. This is my fault. I'm not lovable enough because mum and dad are angry.” Or something along those lines.  As an adult, you can understand that they may have had so many other things going on, there may have been other dynamics in their relationship that were coming to a head and you know full well that the younger version of you had no responsibility for that whatsoever, but the younger version of you, the subconscious part of you still holds on to that black and white belief.

That's just a quick example and it relates to anything. It really can relate to any seemingly insignificant pattern, experience, sense that you've had in your body within those years.  It can happen a little bit later on in life as well.  We can pick up lots and lots of beliefs.  But what they tend to be later in life is a repetition of the original subconscious belief that has a result of our subconscious belief, our thoughts and our feelings around it, our actions are then propelling us into seeing that same result, that repetition of that belief happening over and over again, which reinforces the belief.  This repetition, with authority and/or impact, really compounds that belief that you don't want to hold onto, that's holding you back from having everything you want in terms of relationships, success, abundance, health, happiness, just whatever you feel you don't have.

'The emotion that cannot express itself in tears, will cause other organs in the body to weep.'

When you can start to look at these beliefs and emotions as an adult using some of the subconscious mindset techniques that I'm going to be talking about over the next 3 blogs, you can start to unravel that compound effect.

You can start to peel back the layers and you can really understand what you need to believe about yourself now, as opposed to what you are believing subconsciously about yourself from back then, from whenever or wherever it was that you picked up these beliefs or these feelings that you weren't loved or connected and safe in some way.

How do we do this?

Look out for the next blog, where we'll be looking at some of the strategies to identify subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from your health and happiness, releasing them and reprogramming new, powerful beliefs in their place.



If you are reading this and you know there are limiting beliefs and possible energy blocks preventing you from having the results you desire for your life AND you want to shortcut the next few blogs and want to go straight into transforming them, then book yourself a free 30 minute Clarity call now.  This call will help you identify what may be holding you back and how you can change your subconscious beliefs with unlimited transformations to your life, health, happiness and any other thing you want to change!


Subconscious Mindset Mastery part 1

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Weekly Round Up: A Week of Blogs with Leila Hardy